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About Us


Who We Are

After serving four years in the US Navy, Trimac President and founder LeRoy J. Reiner began his machining career in 1963 at American Can Company in San Francisco. He had the privilege of serving a four-year apprenticeship there graduating as a journeyman machinist in 1967. Upon finishing his apprenticeship, LeRoy took a job at a local machine shop that specialized in manufacturing replacement tooling for the canning industry including splines, hammer bars, rolling, splitting, and notching dies, knockout punches, seaming chucks, seaming and beading rolls, etc.

In 1972, LeRoy and his wife Jean decided to go into business for themselves and established Trimac Manufacturing in Santa Clara, California. Trimac began as a very small family operation with a few basic machines. Throughout the 1970's Trimac served a wide variety of industries building its reputation on quality and timely delivery. The business gradually grew and required more space and employees.

In 1980 Trimac purchased its first CNC (Computer Numerical Control) machines. At this time, LeRoy decided to expand the business to include the manufacturing of seamer tooling for the canning industry. His early experience in this field provided a solid background for this business. Trimac continues to produce top quality seamer tooling including seaming rolls, seaming chucks, and other replacement parts for the canning and can-making industries.

Today Trimac occupies a 16,000 sq. ft. family owned facility fully furnished with the latest CNC manufacturing equipment. It continues to meet the needs of its customers by delivering high quality products in a timely manner at a competitive price.