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Trimac Specialty Seamer Tooling Products


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Ceramic (silicon nitride) Bearings in a 60L Complete Assembly Seaming Roll


These rolls are completely assembled with a precision ground, one-piece preload shim. Seaming rolls can be supplied with custom ceramic bearing assemblies or specially formulated quality A6/A4 cups and tapered roller bearings. All bearings are available with complete assemblies only.

Seaming rolls with Trimac's precision brass and stainless steel caged needle roller bearings


Various seamer tooling including Dixie style rolls and chucks


Trimac can fulfill all of your Dixie style tooling needs.

Flangers and Base Plates


Trimac manufactures a wide variety of seamer tooling.

Miscellaneous Tooling


P Machine Cam Roll and Eccentric Pin


Bliss Feed Fingers


General machining - In addition to producing tooling for the canning industry, Trimac has over 45 years of general machining experience producing a wide variety of parts for many different industries including laser/optics, medical/veterinary, wireless, semiconductor, computer, military, aerospace, sporting goods and transportation.